Throwing away

This morning is particularly cold and I’m moving slower than normal and my reflexes weren’t quite fast enough and I spilled some milk.   *aarrggggh*

I reach for some paper hand towels to clean up and I can tell that the missus bought the cheaper brand to save some money. So, ten sheets of paper towels later the mess was finally cleaned up. I know had I used the better quality one I normally opt for, one or two sheets max and I would be done.

Then it got me thinking. We tend to spend a little extra ( usually ) on better quality paper hand towels, buy the 3-ply toilet paper, the better brand of nappies (diaphers) for our son. So when it comes to products that we use to clean up and ultimately dispose, we spend more but then we will look for specials when buying fruit and veg.

Sometimes I just shake my head and wonder why.


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