The Road

I wake up everyday at 4:00am to get ready to go to work. Its a 15 minute drive to the railway station and its a routine drive. Although this morning the road reminded me of my life. I am be no means poetic and maybe someone can take my thoughts and craft them elegantly.

The road was dark and quiet, the headlights pierced the gloom of the night. The thick fog bank seemed so much like the barriers we place around ourselves each day, so that we see only what we want, and only allow a little of us to be exposed. The street lights, the few and far between, reminded me of people who have come in my life, if only briefly, and then either I or them moved on. The intersections were akin to decisions we make, we can see the decision before us, but with no light to shine in that direction we have no idea what lay ahead only that we have to choose to proceed. We hope that we choose wisely, sometimes we don’t. Looking out the rearview mirror, our past stretches behind us and is quickly clouded over in time.

Anyway, that’s all I have.
I was listening to this at the time.


7 thoughts on “The Road

  1. What a beautiful analogy.:) I think that you’re perfectly capable of crafting your thoughts into something elegant. Think of yourself as a sculptor, and your first draft as a piece of marble. You slowly start chipping away until you have a masterpiece. It’s the same for writer’s. Sometimes, we are inspired and the words just flow. But, most times, we have a thought and we write, and then we rewrite, and rewrite, until a poem or story is crafted.

    Your beautiful thoughts inspired me to write this:

    The road of life
    dark and quiet beneath my feet
    before morning breaks
    when the air is thick with fog
    are we
    street lights, few
    and far between
    lit, fading, shrouded, blackout
    forks, turns, bypasses
    crissing, crossing
    opening, closing
    signposts missing
    streets with no names
    The road of life
    quietly lit beneath my feet
    as morning breaks.


  2. Connections! From you to Bianca to me and then to you! Thoughts interwoven

    Yonder! into the impenetrable crystallised mass of darkness
    The eyes send a focused beam, trying to cut the frozen ice
    To see the snaking road, leading to where? Questions galore
    Answers? none. Questions becoming questions as answers
    Moving feet come to a stand still. Cross roads and no sign posts!
    Roundabouts and no directions. Staring into eternity
    Freedom to choose! Chained to the freedom! Freedom to decide
    Silence thundering in the ear
    Darkness lighting up the field in front
    The freedom to choose
    Multitude directions
    Confused mind
    Light drowning
    In the darkness
    A catch
    A gasp
    A gulp
    A wall of darkness
    Rising up in front of the eyes
    Hazy forms scaling up
    Premonitions or hallucination?
    Turning back
    A winding road
    Like a viscous river of black
    Disappearing into oblivion
    Memories clinging on curly claws
    Clinging to the inner walls
    Stretching far beyond
    The horizon
    Stretching behind
    And in front
    A step forward
    Not to the left
    Not to the right
    straight ahead
    The will walks
    Into light
    The darkness

  3. Not just a mundane drive. But…

    The daily routine movement
    In time, along the dark road
    The daily routine movement
    In darkness, light struggling
    The daily routine movement
    Past void, silent crossroads
    The daily routine movement
    Through silent, indolent silence
    The daily routine movement
    With thoughts flying back
    The daily routine movement
    With a relentless inner struggle
    The daily routine movement
    Where am I? Why am I?
    My words flying past me
    Into the darkness behind me
    The daily routine movement
    Towards the daily point
    Of routine movements
    Of routine moments
    Moments that move
    And yet do not move
    The daily intersections
    Forks, turns, bypasses
    The road of life quietly lit
    Beneath my feet
    We see only what we want
    We have no idea
    what lies ahead
    What lies ahead?
    The daily routine movement
    The thought has passed us
    Past us, we drive
    And drive
    And drive
    And drive

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