A moment in the darkness

This past weekend myself and family were away to visit a friend on their birthday.

Ninety guests, lots of food, music and noise. Not an environment that I am personally comfortable in, nor enjoy and my wife knows this and greatly appreciated the effort I made to “be happy”.

As the night wore on, and the darkness engulfed this lone standing house in the country far from the city; and unique opportunity arose.

I could see the night sky and the stars. An interest I have had for many years. Light pollution where we live makes it impossible. With my daughter beside me, intrigued at my gazing into the heavens, we stood silently and watched. Occasionally she would ask a question, I would explain.

Then something took my breath away, the same moment she squeezed my hand. We saw a shooting star. In all my 39 years I have never seen one, and may never see one again. Together we have a memory that neither of us will forget.

I think there are times when we all have to just stop, look and listen at what is around us.


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