Its rare to encounter a piece of software which is so amazing that it leaves you wondering how you survived all this time without it.

theRenamer is just like this.   With my T.V. Show library I like to label each and every episode with its Season and Episode ID and the name of the episode.   Over time though it became a time issue labeling everything, so I just went with the basics and stayed with Season and Episode ID.   Directories upon directories of files with 3 digit filenames, not knowing what anything is called.

This is where theRenamer comes in.    You drag onto its GUI your Season x of Series Y and it looks up the show and the season and proposes the filenames.   There is even a series of customization pages so you can customize the naming format.   All you have to do is hit Proceed and you’re done.   Now you know which is which, and where that super funny episode is.

Absolutely amazing software and all that the developers are asking is a small nominal donation in exchange.



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