Ten minutes to death

It makes me cry what some people are capable of.    My wife and I are part of an cat foster care network and usually our role is in the short term homing and care of cats that have been rescued in some way.

Late this afternoon my wife gets a call to do a “big favor” and go and collect four very young kittens ( only three weeks old ) from a Veterinary Hospital where they were dumped. The soulless individual thought it would be “ok” to spray the girl kitten in bug spray because she had flees.   My daughter helped keep the boys occupied while we bathed and cleaned the girl removing more flees than I’ve ever seen on a cat.

My wife arrived there with 10 minutes to spare before they would have been put to sleep.

While they will be only with us for a few short hours, we care and love them as they were our own. Soon they will leave for longer term care and homing; eventually finding their forever home with a kind and loving owner.

Being a foster carer is very rewarding yet the good comes with the bad as you learn of the evil that some people are capable of.


5 thoughts on “Ten minutes to death

  1. Love your work. I am an animal person and it absolutely breaks my heart, what some people do to animals. Thankyou for loving our feline friends. 🙂

  2. This post made me cry. Cruelty to animals is something I will never understand – it is so unnecessary and I think that you would have to be a soulless human being to be capable of inflicting physical pain on a defenceless animal.
    Most people turn a blind eye. You are a rare breed, a very special person. ♥

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