The Popcorn Malfunction

I have always had an issue with my short term memory and as such I do perform certain things in certain ways.  If I’m distracted I loose track and effectively forget what I was doing.

Today was such a day.  Having a hankering for some popcorn.  I got out the microwave bowl and added the popcorn.  My son was running about and chasing the cats.   It was quite a scene to witness.

A few minutes later the microwave was beeping at me.   I’d not only forgotten that I put popcorn in the microwave but also forgot to cover the bowl.   When I opened the door popcorn flowed out.


After cleaning up and giving the microwave a good clean I finally settled down to enjoy my snack, although by now I’d missed half the movie I was watching.   Then my wife interjects and says why didn’t you use a brown paper bag, so much easier.    Learn something new everyday.  At least the microwave is clean.


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