Time poor

I get up each day at 4am to go to work.    Each morning is much like the next except for this morning.

I saw a girl, mid twenties walking along the train platform, uncomfortably close to the edge watching a movie on her iPad.    Seriously.

I know, had I said something it would have been considered rude and interfering.   On the same token, had she had an accident and was hit by a train and hurt (or worse) then what.   It’s something that I may have been able to prevent.

Once I’m on the train and I have an hour to kill, I’ll watch something on my Android phone or listen to music.  I think its a sad state if you’re so time poor that you feel compelled to watch a movie while you a walking.   This ranks up there with those people who txt while walking in a busy city, bump into you and then get in your face because you weren’t watching where they were going.


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