Pen Pals

Years ago, I had a one pen-pal and she just stopped writing after about six months.    Can’t force someone to write.  I don’t what happened.

Anyway, more recently and I guess since I’m approaching my 40th birthday it dawned on me that I actually have few friends.   There is no one I can call up and just chat to, no one to meet up somewhere for coffee.  I did have one friend once who I emailed frequently but email wasn’t her thing so it was very one sided and I’d  get cryptic responses back.   Its pretty sad.  So I joined a pen-pal site and over a period of weeks had three pen-pals.    The primary criteria was the preference for hand written letters via post with an aim of building a long term friendship.

Too much of the current social trends to getting bite sized chunks every few minutes via facebook or twitter or what not.   A handwritten letter is intimate and personal.  You have time to collect your thoughts and express them clearly and with great detail if you so choose.

One pen-pal wrote one letter, I replied and stopped.   Ok and not a thing I can do.   Another, we are going great guns,  two letters each so far and lots to talk about.  Last pen-pal I received her letter, my reply just needs sending but we have lots in common so will be heaps to talk about.

Have a couple of other people I know and we correspond via email and I’d love to change to hand written letters.   I don’t how to progress from where I am now to “Can we be friends?” and exchange letters.  I don’t want them to think I’m weird or anything.  I just think friendships should be valued and treasured.


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