I have been using Dropbox for a really long time, not long after they allowed public signups is when I joined.

Of all the services available on the we this to me is the most important, its the one I can not and will not do without.

Initially it was a place for me to keep my iTunes libraries in sync across multiple computers, many years before Apple made this possible themselves.    I kept my library small and only had in it the music I listened to.

When one of my computers hard disks died and I was in the process of restoring data, one of the first steps was to re-install dropbox and I watched in awe as all my precious day-to-day music came back.   It was then I signed up for a paid plan and over the course of a week uploaded my entire iTunes library.    All my music was safe.

As I restored my data from backup disks ( yes, I did actually backup my data – I’d learnt the hard way about five years earlier ), I didn’t restore it to its traditional location.   It went straight into Dropbox instead.  All my work files, code, snippets.   All the little bits and pieces.

Then I hit a wall.  My iPhoto library.  As an avid photographer, this was huge.   I had limited bandwidth and there was no way I could sync this to dropbox.   Honestly, by this stage I was getting a little tired of iPhoto anyway cause Apple kept adding new features that I didn’t use and made the application slower and slower.   So I took the plunge and extracted all my photos out to a traditional filesystem.   I made folders for years / months and special events.    So over a period of about a month I loaded my photos into dropbox.   Finally all my important stuff and music and photos were safe.   I could access my files from virtually anywhere.

With the recent changes to the Dropbox service, basically the more photos you upload, the more free space they give you was the incentive to get my wifes’ photos off the computer and into the cloud.   From a free 2 gig plan, she now has a whopping 53gigs of free space. All done by just uploading photos.   A big 48gig bonus was a result of a promotion between dropbox and samsung.   Awesome.

No one has an excuse not to have their photos safe from disaster.  If you aren’t using Dropbox, in my opinion if you loose your critical data its your own fault as it makes it so easy to keep it safe.


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