Life after iTunes (and iPhone)

Its been about a year since I moved from iTunes/iPhone to Samsung SIII/Android.

I was very reluctant to change cause the iTunes/iPhone system does work. I watched as year after year, newer iPhones were released yet they were fundamentally the same. They were evolutionary, not revolutionary. I wanted a technology revolution, not just more of the same ol’ thing. Sorry Apple but its true. In the beginning you were new and shiny, now your looking old and tired and need to get put out to pasture.

What’s life like?

Personally. Its orders of magnitude better. Sure, lets ensure we give credit where its due, to Apple, for creating an innovative device and matched it up with software to make everything nice and simple. Yet with that simplicity came the ties that bind. It took years for Apple to relax the control but its still present just in a variation. There’s no need to go into all the details of that.

How the Samsung/Android combination has changed things is simple. I’m not tethered to a computer/software environment. I can do everything solely on the phone. This is particularly important for my missus who virtually never connected her iPhone to the iMac until it was so slow that a wipe/reinstall was needed to refresh it.

The Andoid OS is simple to use, its flexible and customisable. Your phone can reflect your individual style and personality more than an iPhone ever could and probably ever will.

I can add my own content to the phone from any windows PC with a simple drag’n’drop, and with a little more work the same from a mac system. On the iTunes/iPhone front I lost count of the hundreds of hours spent encoding content. Those days are thankfully long gone. I have more time now to enjoy content as opposed to preparing it.

I can do more, I can do it easier and I can do it faster.


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