Phone Scams

Again I hear on the news how elderly people are getting scammed by nefarious people by calling them up and spinning some tale of how there computer is vulnerable.   There have been many instances where the key vector of attack is the good ol’ telephone.

So it got me thinking that one way this could be addressed is the get the telecos involved.

The basic premise of my idea is

  1. the person with the phone nominates what countries they can receive calls from.  I know from first hand experience with calls we have received ourselves soon as blocking out India would be in effect 90% calls would stop.
  2. then you nominate safe numbers – these can include overseas ones of course.  Basically a white list.

This would afford them a degree of protection.   We use firewalls and similar technologies to protect IT infrastructure and systems.   Similar concepts can be and are used in many other places.

Of course you can take this much further if we had smart phones in our houses with the ability to black list calls ourselves.   Someone rings and keeps harassing you, during the call you activate a feature on the phone to a) block country of origin b) block specific number only or something like that.    It has to be simple and accessible.   Of course emergency services and authoritative callers can bypass that list, and then if your not interested you can still hangup on them.


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