Goodbye to Google+

I have tried twice now to use and somehow find google+ useful to me.  Yet it isn’t.    It all starts out with people adding me and me adding them into circles and follow each others posts.

It doesn’t take long that I find I don’t have much to post about and reposting someone else’s stuff doesn’t seem right.    There isn’t enough time to read about everything that everyone is doing or not as the case maybe.

The very few friends I have I will communicate via mail or email and while this will be a less frequent event, its consolidated and the communication to me feels more genuine in that someone really is interested in what happened to me.

This demise in the use of Google+ comes a year after I stopped using facebook for much the same reasons.   I guess socializing on the internet isn’t for me.   At 39 I’m too old to get started, so email and snail mail going forward for me.


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