A little big deal

Today I started two weeks of annual leave and as part of that a new approach in my lifestyle change I’m also trying to get going.

So this morning, at 4am, I got dressed and went for a walk.  Not a short one either.   I was gone a whole hour.   I’ve been slowly ramping up the duration of my exercise routines, and to hit the hour mark this morning was a really good feeling.

Endurance-wise I did better than I thought I would, and had no pains as such.  Sure I was thorouhgly tired but not sore.

Thats a long way from where I started almost 2 years ago, where even after 5 mins I would be struggling.   The weight is slow to come off, but it is.

Yay Me :)



Rough Weekend

This past weekend was particularly tough for me.   It started off with a flood of memories from 20 years ago from my first girlfriend Jane and her death to cancer.     They were strong memories, both painful and joyful.    Unfortunately I became somewhat distant to those close to me as I processed these – and while on one hand I wanted to talk to someone, I chose not too.   Rightly or wrongly, its something I needed to deal with myself.   In some regards, I’m surprised at how this affected me even after all this time.   I’m grateful though, as there are far more happy memories to remember in the scheme of things.   To this day I still miss her.

That coupled with people around me being silly, bitchy or just plain stupid really got under my skin.  I fought tooth and nail mentally to bite my tongue and not lash out at people.   I figured if they want to behave like that, its not something I can control; I just steer clear.    I took some time, changed my social scenery and reconnected with friends like Brenda from some years ago.   It helped being able to just talk casually, not about anything that was upsetting me.   Hearing those voices over the wire really made a big difference.



As the year clicked over, and not one to resolve to do anything, I did take time to do what I consider to be four important things.

  1. Welcomed the new people in my life
  2. I was thankful for those whose journey continues and touches mine
  3. Said goodbye to those whose journey has taken them elsewhere
  4. Remembered and toasted to those who have moved on from this mortal realm.

Might not seem like much, but if you sit and think about it; its a big deal.

Best wishes to all for a happy and prosperous year.