I think its over

A few years ago I embarked on a change to establish some friendships via penpals.  What started off slow has now crept to a halt.  

Its been nine months since I last wrote and no reply has come.

Receiving hand written letters was a nice surprise to the daily glut of bills and advertising material.

As with the others, I dont know why it stopped nor will I ever likely know.

I’m sad.

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Quick arvo snack

I was feeling a little peckish, I wanted something a little different.

I grabbed some nice farm fresh Asparagus that was in the fridge.   Cut off the woody ends, and placed the Asparagus into boiling water for two minutes.   Then an ice water bath for a minute.

Onto some baking paper on the grill tray, some grated cheese, salt and pepper and grilled till all melty.

Served on a bed of grated cheese.  Extra salt and pepper to taste.

By no means fine dining, but quick and easy.

Thanks to my friend for the cooking tips. It was yum.

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The hating of Pinterest

I hate Pinterest with a passion.  Why?  Because I just can’t look at it.

My missus always sends me links for stuff to look at and I can never just look.   I don’t have facebook ( yet another pet hate ), and I don’t want to sign up.

Whats additionally annoying is there isn’t anyway to contact them to them how much they suck and that their pestering to sign up is so damn annoying.

Pinterest, you suck and I hate you.

Mind you, with a couple of choice addons for Firefox, all your stupid sign up crap goes away.   Poor design and no apparent support.   I’ll be making sure all off the desktops I look after at work will have the relevant add-ons to bypass all this crapola.

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