Its not all fun and games

A few days ago we recieved a cute little foster cat called Jude.   Everyone was taken in by his cute looks.  He’s only 5 months old and still quite skittish.

Last night I could hear my daughter pleading with my missus to have Jude sleep in her room.  I think in the end my daughter got her way.  I advised against it, but I suspect my suggestion was lost in all the please please please.

This morning my daughter was standing at my door, in tears, muttering about stupid cat.  Apparently Jude was quite active last night and someone didn’t get any sleep.

Jude is out of the room and my daughter is asleep.  I think she just learned a valuable lesson, one that no amount parental advise could instill.  Wanna learn the easy way or the hard way?

And with everyone asleep I can watch what I want on TV.

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A Comedy of Errors

Although I found none of this particularly funny when it happened to me, but looking back its amazing how many little things can just go wrong in a day.

So winter is on its way here in Sydney and while I don’t mind the cold, the rain is soothing, and the wind can be quite refreshing; being assaulted by all three at once is really getting my spirits down.   To compensate for these conditions I’ve had to bulk up on several layers of clothing; all of which I no longer need once I arrive at work.

With all this rain comes the mud.   Oodles of the stuff.  I live in an area where the substrate is mostly clay.  Water doesn’t run off to well and as a result my front yard is a swamp.  With the mud, everyone is taking their shoes of at the front door.   In the morning my first battle was getting out of the house, nearly tripping over someones shoes.  I caught myself but had I not the glass window that I surely would have collided with, would have left me in a bad way.

Where my car is parked, yet more mud.  Walking carefully, nearly falling as I lost traction on the ground.  This type of slip and slide is not a safe one.   In this instance nothing to grab on bar the car mirror so that would have gotten ripped off in the process.

The security door at work, didn’t open as it usually did, catching on the door jam and I was so desperate to get out of the weather I walked into it.  All that got injured in that event was my pride.

Fortunately work itself passed by quietly.   The train trip home was cold, the seat was uncomfortable.  The road home was a virtual parking lot as cars crawled slowly along.   In hindsight I credit the caution that was being exercised.

Once home, my sons school pants were on my bed, needing some mending.   First my can of drink sprayed everywhere.  Then I ended up pricking my finger several times with the needle.   The optometrist did warn me that my vision would change, and it has.  Now I have to remove my glasses for close up work.

As my missus was gathering herself together to get some dinner, I grabbed my wallet, and somehow manage to drop my wallet at the same.

I’m sure there is more to test my patience as the evening wears on.  I still have to collect my laundry.  No doubt some catastrophe is in store their as I navigate from the backdoor to the laundry.

I’ll be content once this day is finally over.

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The towel

Its a simple thing really, a towel.  It hangs in the bathroom day in day out, there to dry you off.  You wash it when needed, hang to dry and back into the bathroom.

I’m 40ish and for the first time ever, bought my own towel.   Might seem unusual or even surprising but think about.   Did you ever buy your own towel?

Growing up, mum bought towels for the whole family.  You were issued one and when it became worn, it was replaced.   Never gave thought nor cared about the item itself.  Just one of things that was just always there.  They were bought in bulk, not the softest material nor very absorbent, until they were worn in a bit.

When I met my wife and we moved in together, we were given towels by our respective parents; the overflow.  Towels enough to literally last decades.   Now, I’ve always been a big person and I’ve never had a towel that fitted me.   None of this standing around in a towel.  Get dried and get dressed.   My current towel was starting to well and truly show signs of age and needed replacement.

I started my search for large towels.   I measured mine and looked for something bigger.   Not knowing what to look for was probably the biggest stumbling block as searches of large or extra-large towels always landed me back in the realms of the towel I already owned.

One of the places I was searching, had one of those “If you like this, then you might like this” type of thing.  I lead me to a section on bath sheets.   Not a term I was familiar with.   Description read like that of a towel but the dimensions, oh my, these were big.   I compared the quoted dimensions with my current towel and was chuffed.  This was actually going to be a decent size.

I read the reviews, everyone who ordered one was happy and so placed my own order.

Yesterday, for the first time in my adult life I have a towel that is just for me and wrapping it around was the most wonderful feeling.   I was fully enclosed, it was so soft, it absorbed the water with ease and was dry the following day.

Its a simple thing, taken for granted but makes such a difference to your personal happiness; the humble bath towel  sheet.

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