How are you?

How are you? Often how I start e-mails. I’m genuinely interested in hearing about how you are, what life is like and what you’ve been up to. It always interesting to hear about activities outside of my area of interest.

E-mail is the primary form of communication that I use. For me its easily accessible, its convenient and delivery is quick. I can write up an e-mail while I’m doing something else, while I’m on the train. Pretty much anywhere that I have some idle time. Getting replies to e-mails sometimes bugs me. I try to be timely when responding to e-mail and if a lengthy response is in order and I don’t have time, I at least acknowledge the e-mail and let them know I will answer more thoroughly at a later time. I see that as a courtesy that I extend to people I correspond with.

So when there are no responses to e-mails, the mind wanders as to why. Are they ok? Has something happened? Are they really busy? Have they broken off contact?

Perhaps I’m over thinking the whole thing. I value the few friendships I have and when the lines of communication falter I like to understand why and if I can help, I will try to.

I know some people who just never seem to get around to writing e-mail, although when you happen to speak to them; often a case of being to busy and I’ll get around to it are fairly common answers.

Others drop off. For whatever reason, they’ve decided to no longer correspond. The whole thing seems a bit up in the air, I’m left at a loss as to why. One might reason its none of my business, also true. For a friendship to just stop cold, with no reason or explanation just seems wrong to me.

I really don’t know or have any answers. I’ve lost touch with a few people, I’ve tried reaching out via e-mail and other methods where possible to get in touch, yet nothing. Being left hanging is a really crappy feeling to process, more so if your inclined to analytical thought processes. It’s going to be a long night.

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One year on

On year ago I made the choice the change my lifestyle, change what I eat, incorporate excerise into my daily routine.

It has not been an easy year. What has changed?

I eat differently now. This was not just a one off change of eliminate fatty foods etc from my eating patterns. Its something that has evolved with me. I still do enjoy treats, though now less often and in far smaller amounts.

I excercise almost everyday. I try to do some 5 days a week. There are days, that after works I’m spent and just want to relax. Considering that for decades I did zero excerise I think Im in a good place. My excerise is low impact and of a type and pace that I can maintain and work with.

I have lost about 4-5 inches sustained from my waist. For a while there was some fluctuation but its settled down. Its a point to move forward from.

Going slow has been the key. I’ve had to change my attitude mentally which was probably the hardest part. Its an ever changing process and will continue to change as I do.

As a treat for getting through the first year I bought some new joggers which support my feet exceptionally well. The girl at Athletes Foot was very patient with me and understood my concerns.

The journey continues.

To anyone on their own journey like this, don’t despair and don’t give up. Only you can do this journey, your success is your own measure. You can do it.

Lastly a thankyou to my closest and dearest friend. Thankyou for supporting me, lending words of encouragement, listening to me ramble on about all sorts of crap and for just being there, even though your are several thousand miles away.

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Anyone with pets will tell you about all the little things that their loved ones get up to. Every pet is different and they do “talk” to us, just not in the conventional sense.

It got me thinking, as we have four cats – our own plus three fosters, while I was cleaning the kitchen this morning. See normally by this time I’ve given all the cats breakfast. Not today. I was in the zone and really wanted to get the kitchen cleaned. Im sure the cats won’t die if they wait 30 mins for food. Well. Each cat expressed themselves very differently.

Samson. He is our cat. We’ve had him about 15 years now and he’s an old boy but still going ok. He can’t meow anymore but kinda makes this weird gasping noise. He’s an outdoor cat too and loves it. He just comes to the backdoor around feeding time, puts his feet on the steps and waits. “Hey I’m here now, feed me please”. He eats and then he’s off again until the next meal.

Kira. Little feisty foster black cat.
“Look at me. See how cute I am. Looook. ok now follow me. See that s food. Now gimme gimme. ”
Once the food is down its “Um will I eat from the blue bowl or the pink bowl. I’m so special. Going to eat some from blue and some from pink so I don’t miss out”.

Alana. Bit of a bully cat but Kira keeps her in place, so much so that when Kira is eating, Alana is waiting.
“I’m so hungry. I hope Kira leaves me some food. Hurry up Kira I wanna eat.” When Alana does get to the food “You left me some food, yay. I’m so hungry.

Molly. The last of the fosters and definitely the most gentle. “Is it breakfast? Oh ok. Lemme finish sleeping and I’ll get some later. I don’t mind waiting cause I know I’ll get pampered and a fresh top up if it’s all gone. Being last has its perks. pur pur pur”.

Cats are great pets and so funny to watch. So long as you know your place is to serve them, they will be happy.

Have a great day.

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