Life without…

I pose to you this simple question: Is your life enriched by a pet?

For myself and family, there has been virtually no days of our collective lives in which a cat has not be a part of.

I can’t express how having a cat in my life makes me feel; though I can assure you the day a cat has left us, it hurts.    Some of the cats were part of our lives for barely a few years, others several years.    Our love of cats led us to become foster carers, where the mutual enrichment was enjoyed by ourselves and the cats we were caring for.

Each and everyone has had such a distinct and unique personality.   They very quickly cease being a pet and become a member of the family.    For the fosters, seeing them leave to go to their forever homes were very emotional times in our house.

You don’t quite realize how much they affect your life, until they aren’t there anymore.

In no particular order here’s to Allana, Anastasia, Sam, George, Harley, Holly, Beth, Jonah, Jenko, Jude, Kira, Molly, Oakley and Shelley.


A long time goal for Lilly was realized today with the building of Twilight.   The questing, exploring, gathering, doing achievements, running world versus world has all come together in a sexy looking great sword.

One of the more distinctive legendary weapons, Twilight, became a focus for me a little over a year ago.    A legendary of some type has been in the back of my mind for years, this past year seeing it all come together.


Prime Time

When I was five, my dad gave my a camera for Christmas.   It was a Chinon something something.    Film based of course, being the 70s’ and it had one lens.   A 50mm prime lens.   Over the course of a few decades that camera and lens were my tools into a creative world that I enjoyed.

Fast forward to the current day.  Recently I became the happy owner, again, of a 50mm prime.  I’ve spent too many years becoming complacent with the subject isolation and reach of telephoto zoom lens.   Don’t get me wrong, they certainly have there place in your setup.   Sometimes, going back to basics is very refreshing.

Far more sophisticated than back in the day.     Within a few photos it re-kindled my love of the prime lens and especially that of the 50mm.     My primary subjects were either flora or fauna.   Coupled along with the 50mm, was a new camera body for me, the Nikon D90.

Picked it up on ebay for a remarkable price, in immaculate condition too.    New body, new lens.   Time to learn again.

Images are clickable for high resolution versions.

I love the results, sharp and in focus primary subjects; softened background.   Looking forward to my journey with this new setup.