A great start to another year

The year for me, has ticked over again, turning 43 today. This is how my day started.

A kitten card.   So cute.

8 08 2016 9 25 AM Office Lens

A message from my son, daughter and loving wife.

8 08 2016 9 25 AM Office Lens 1

A shiny new bed side clock radio to replace the one that died a few weeks ago.  So thoughtful.

2016-08-08 08.03.05

Another great year ahead.

Someone better

A recurring thing with me, despite how much a try and how much effort I put into whatever I’m doing; there is always someone who comes along and does it better.   Whatever it is, it just clicks with them.  They are better at it, it comes easier to them.

For a long time, that stuff used to piss me off.  Why is this always happening to me.   Recently I had this realization that its all a matter of perspective.   I’m only seeing how I feel when this happens to me.   I’ve been blinded side by the fact that I’m also this person with regard to things I’m really good at and have this effect on others.

Knowing how I feel is helping me when I interact with others and I’m having this effect on them.   Its mostly in relation to my job, but still.   I extend some tact, courtesy and due care and I’m better for it.

Funny how some things take decades to learn.