Work mates

The events in Sydney yesterday, not that far from where I work, helped me realize just how important some of my work mates are.

They are for all intense purposes my extended family and I’d be devastated if anything ever happened to them.

A heart felt thank you to Kim, Kerry, Moya, John, Kevin, Leo and Simon for making each and every day at work fun, each in your own ways.  Random chance brought us together and I’m glad it did.  Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

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Christmas Apathy and turning the tables

That time of year is rolling around again.   I’m already fed up with it.   Businesses have been advertising this for months on end and I’m desensitized to the whole season.   For them its just all about money, the meaning has been lost.

As a different approach this year, I only purchased gifts from “small” businesses, run by sole traders, husband and wife teams etc.   There going up against these big greedy giants and its appalling the tactics they use to kill small business.

So here are a couple of small businesses that I have made purchases from this year and hope that you’ll pop on by and have a look for yourself.

First up, a lovely little site that is for all you soap lovers out there.  The Scrumpy Soap Co  makes getting gifts for my missus easy.   I also grabbed a couple for myself as I have skin sensitivity with a lot of soap and this sounds like a winner to me.    Ordering and payment was quick and easy and had a confirmation of shipping shortly there-after.

Next up is Uscha.   Makers of beautiful hand-made products.   I had bought a journal for a friend and have since purchased some of the smaller ones as gifts for this year.    The quality and craftsmanship is simply stunning.  I know when I received my first journal it smelt and felt so wonderful to hold that I didn’t want to part with it as a gift.

Do something different, steer clear of the big corporates and support the little guys.   Even make stuff yourself.   Its long over due for all of us to get back in touch with the meaning and spirit of the season.

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The Gift

It was simple enough to my thinking. Her birthday was coming up, she was talking about getting this specific thing for quite a while.

So I bought it and presented the gift.

The response was not as expected and I came away feeling as if I had done the wrong thing. Seems I mess up the simplest of things. I try, I have the best intentions and still not right.

What a way to start the weekend.

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