Hide and Seek

Photographing animals in their natural habitat is both equally rewarding and frustrating. When you do get that great shot, all that patience paid off. Sometimes though, they won’t sit where you want them too, or even look at you.

In these times you grab the best shot you can rather than let the opportunity pass by completely.

This Rainbow Lorikeet shot I took a number of years ago at a local park. This was after about 30mins of slowly following it around waiting for it to settle in a good spot.

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Early morning photography

I wake up at about 4am everyday. During the week its due to work, on weekends I cant help it. Been doing this for so long my body is conditioned to it.

On the weekends it affords me time to pop over to the local shops to get whatever bits and pieces I need for the day, and Sundays of course is the Sunday paper plus my Tall Caramel Latte at McDonalds. Its a small vice and a treat once a week.

One thing I’m getting back into is my photography. I’ve owned a camera since I was five and have taken lots of photos over the last 35 years. Part of doing that is now taking my camera with me on these very short trips on weekend mornings.

Here are a few shots I’ve grabbed recently.







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Walking away

It just happened, a chance encounter
Different employers, the same job
Find the girl

We worked together, partners
You had my back, I yours
It just made sense

Traveling together, far and wide
Arid parching deserts, oppressively humid jungles
The world was ours

There were none better, at the peak of our professions
Mercenaries, guns for hire
Paid up front

You changed, all you wanted was to kill
I stayed true, helping those without hope
Tension mounted

We found her, after so many years
Dead, decaying and discarded
Our failure

The father, elated by our arrival
Our news, his soul wept
Time was our enemy

Our discord, failure triumphed
A change, it was overdue
Time to walk away

Cobbled together from bits of a dream I’ve been having over the past few weeks. No idea what its all supposed to mean, at least its out of my head now.

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