The Wall

This past week I’ve been integrating more time on the orbital trainer into my exercise routine. Each session I keep hitting a wall. I get to a point, and the duration varies, where the pain or fatigue in my leg muscles is such that I feel I have to stop. This evening, I hit the … Continue reading

Multiple Choice

I recently had a conversation with my children regarding telling lies. I have caught both of them out a few times for trivial things. It was time to have a chat. When someone asks you a question there can be four ways to handle this, three are acceptable, one is certainly isn’t. Option A. This … Continue reading

The Blade

Your weapon of choice wielded so expertly practiced, artful Crafted from malice sculpted by darkness your soul, reflected Slow, graceful cuts wickedly deep my blood ebbs Unsuspecting I was blind, naive fleeting glimpses My dying breathe desperate, futile anger consuming Your cold embrace darkness, fear why me? I have no idea where these words came, … Continue reading

The Curve Ball

When it comes to decision-making, I don’t make quick decisions. I plan and analyse from as many perspectives as I can. Once I’ve reached a point where I can make the best and well-informed decision, I go ahead and commit. Then it comes, The Curve Ball. This unknown, surprise element that throws everything into chaos. … Continue reading

Jelly, and The Burning

Recently, I have acquired an orbital trainer.  Chance, coincidence or whatever you may wish to call it, it found its way to us. Not one day had elapsed since the missus and I had discussed the possibility of getting one; knowing though we could never afford one.    So when I friend offered us one, we … Continue reading

The Nature of Friendship

I remember watching Big Bang Theory and Sheldon was looking for input on how to make friends.  Throughout the episode he initially approached this as an equation that needed solving.  Later he conducted surveys and also consulted books on how to make friends.   At this stage in my life, I have very few people I … Continue reading

A helping hand

I like helping friends. I always have and always will. Sometimes my good nature has been taken advantage of, and I have learned from those situations. When I need help though, I feel bad about asking for it. I think that within a circle of friends or social group if you recognize that someone needs … Continue reading


I’ve worn lots of labels throughout my life.   Some nice, others not so much.   The mean ones I’ve learnt to brush off and ignore.  This nice ones still make me pause, I dont know how to take compliments.  All I can do is say thank you. Recently I received a complimentary label and I didn’t … Continue reading

Let it go

Sometimes, people say or do something and it really gets under my skin.   It can be annoying, frustrating or just makes me angry.    I’ve have learned over the years to not react rashly as it invariably does not end well. Now I just chill and think about it, stewing away in my head.   This … Continue reading

The party

Social events like parties, basically they scare me.   Its a fear of the unknown, it is part of who I am and some people understand, others simply dont.  Over coming ones fears is not so easy to do.